Monday, June 8, 2015

RIO Scandi Body S4 review

Peacock Bass caught with RIO Scandi Body S4 fast sinking line

Last Sunday, I got the chance to test drive the RIO Scandi short fast sinking line (RIO Scandi Body S4). I paired the 305 grain line with my Sage ONE 4wt switch rod and made a trip to a reservoir fishing spot nearby that I know will do well plumbing the depth.

When I first received the line, I was a bit skeptical. I normally judge a short head spey line by how well it can roll cast with minimal D-loop. This is because a lot of my fishing is done tight against the bank where D-loop space is premium. That is why I love the Wulff Ambush line. Wulff Ambush excels in tight space roll casting and has been my go to line all this while.

From casual inspection, the taper for this line does not seems to be very aggressive and I was half expecting the line to perform poorly in this respect.... how wrong I was! Rigged with 10 ft RIO versileader (7ips) and a 8ft fluorocarbon leader tied to my favorite peacock bass fly, I started out doing some simple roll to lay out the line. The line rolled out effortlessly, much to my surprise. Then I turned up the throttle and really started to zing out the roll cast. The line shot out with no hesitation. Now I am impress. 60 - 70 ft roll cast is easy with this line. The only other fast sinking line the preform so well in roll casting has been my custom fast sink skagit head.

Next I moved on to sustain anchor cast.  Perry poke was no problem and the cast fired out with very decent loop. I don't expect tight loop here since this is a fast sink line but the loop was very decent and it went a good distance. I did not get a chance to make 100 ft cast with this line that day because of the steep bank I am up against but I am sure it is possible if I am standing in open water with unrestricted D-loop. Somehow, fast sink line will cover the distance well even without tight loop because of how it slice through the wind.

I finished off the session catching five Peacock bass using this line set up in the one plus hour that I spent there. I am happy to report that this fast sink spey line exceeded my expectation and I have no reservation recommending it to anyone intending to fish deep with Switch rod.

Currently the fast sink version of RIO Scandi Body comes in 305 grain (#6), 350 grain (#7), 400 grain (#8) and 455 grain (#9). It is dark grey and rated to sink at 4-5 ips. This line comes in "body only" which means you will need to loop-to-loop it to your own shooting line.

Temensis caught with Scandi Body S4 fishing deep

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