Thursday, April 26, 2012

Champion Spey Caster in action

Click on this link to watch this video from Vimeo:

Here is a very nice video clip showing champion distance spey caster from team Carron in action. These are some of the very best distance Spey casters in the world - James Chalmers, Gerard Downey and Ruairi Costello among them.

Here is another video clip from YouTube showing Gerard Downey making a world record 231+ ft (70.63m) cast in CLA game fair. Notice the very firm stop of the rod at about 45degree when his upper hand is fully extended and bottom hand putting on the brakes (at 0:18s).

Andrew Toft, another world champion Spey caster from UK also talks about the importance of a firm stop with emphasis on the the lower hand to stop/block so that the rod can unload efficiently. You can read more about Andrew Toft's fulcrum fly casting style / technique here:

Long belly distance Spey casting generally requires bigger casting arc and longer stroke length to aerialize the line This is in contrast to the Scandinavian style casting where the strokes are more compact since the head (or belly) is much shorter. Regardless, both style seems to have settled onto an efficient technique whereby power is applied through the bottom hand, with the top hand being the moving fulcrum / pivot.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Blue Charm - Salmon fishing in Scotland

This is where it all started. Scotland, the birthplace of Spey casting, named after the river Spey. Blue Charm the movie trailer brings you spectacular scenery, beautiful Spey casting, Salmon fishing, running water....its all here....must watch.