Monday, July 27, 2015

Trout Spey Line

Here is the new fly line from RIO to complement the new Sage Trout Spey for 2015. This line, the RIO Skagit Trout Max, is a Skagit line made specifically for trout fishing using Switch rod. It is a surprisingly short Skagit head.... 11ft only. I was caught by surprised how short this head is. I was expecting something in the 15ft range but I supposed RIO knows what they are doing.

This line being so short, one really has to be standing knee deep in water to cast it effectively. It is meant to be paired with a sink tip or versileader to have the right amount of anchor for the cast. Being a Skagit head, it is designed to lift heavy sink tip and fly to fish deep. This line comes as a head with no integrated running line.

I you plan to fish dry fly or emergers with your trout Spey, you will be better off with the RIO InTouch single handed Spey line, new for 2015.

Although designed for single handed Spey casting,  this line is suitable for 2 - 3 wt Switch rod as well. To boot, this line also overhead cast very well.

An alternative to the new RIO Skagit Trout Max is this OPST Commando Head. Developed by Ed Ward and Jerry French for sustain anchor casting. It is supposedly designed to turn over MOW tip and heavy stuff.

This line starts at 150 grains to 475 grain. For Trout spey, the lighter spectrum of this line, 150 grain (12ft) to 250 grain (13.5ft) should be of interest to those venturing into 2wt - 3wt Switch rod for trout.

You can find more info on this line here  <> and here <>