Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wombat Cast

Here is a cast I find useful for lake fishing. It is essentially a Snap-C going into a Perry poke. The name for this cast probably first surface in RIO's Modern Spey Casting DVD and since then, there has been rumbling among internet Spey community on what is the point of this cast. 

I too question the necessity of this sequence of move until I started playing with snap C / T to re-position my fly so that I can cast to my right after fishing out my left (without resorting to a cackhanded cast). The most obvious way is to do a Snap-C / T immediately followed by the forward cast. However, I often find this sequence unsatisfactory as the anchor is not well placed after the Snap-C and often result in a busted anchor cast or lousy turn-over due to the "Bloody-L" effect.

After some experimentation, this Wombat cast quickly gains favor. It allows me to quickly re-position my fly and re-align my anchor for a good clean cast. One useful point to note is that the Snap-C should be made with the rod initially pointing left so that the fly+leader+sink tip can land to your front-right (as oppose to landing to the extreme right or rear-right). Once that is achieved, the poke move that follows will allow you to tighten up the fly+leader+sink tip to line up with the forward cast.

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