Friday, July 8, 2011

Trick Cast - checking your fly

Here is a very useful trick cast to learn. It applies to both single-hander or double-hander. Ever since learning this trick cast, I no longer need to strip my fly line all the way back to check or change fly. All you need to do is to leave about 30 to 40 feet of head out of the rod tip and give it a quick snap and the fly + leader will go airborne for you to catch. Just make sure that you focus on catching the fly line or leader instead of the fly because you will likely fail miserably if you try to catch the fly and ended up looking idiotic.

What I find useful to do when there is wind or fishing at night is to use the section of the rod above the handle to try to snag the leader as it fly towards me. I find this a more reliable method then using hand. This means that if I am a right hander, I will snap the fly towards my right shoulder and extend my rod to catch/snag the leader. A very neat trick indeed.

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