Monday, June 20, 2011

The Switch Cast

Switch cast is the foundation to almost all Spey cast. I say almost all because there are a few exceptions namely Double Spey , C-spey and Perry Wrap. Learning to do switch cast well is essential to learning Spey cast. Switch cast is also sometimes referred to as Jump Roll, inferring a more advance method of roll casting. Indeed, when executed well, the result is a much bigger D-Loop compared to the standard roll cast. So far, this is the best You-tube video I have seen demonstrating a good Switch cast.

Note how the line is being picked up by initially raising the rod tip followed quickly by a side cast (backwards) with rod tip tracking a straight line horizontal path.  In my practice with Skagit heads, I find this horizontal straight line path of the rod tip rather crucial to get a good D-loop. If the rod tip is swept upwards instead, I somehow loose loading with the D-Loop. Sweeping downwards is of course a no no as it will drive the D-loop down to the water. I find that this applies to the Perry Poke as well. After the forward poke, as long as I am conscious of tracking a horizontal straight line path on my back cast, I will get good loading for my forward cast.

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