Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Perry Poke Revisited

Here is a very good instructional video I found showing the Perry Poke. Thought I will share it here.


  1. hi sir,

    i've been looking at your works for quite sometime now. really enjoyed this blog. just started to get into switch rods and infact, u r one of the malaysians that inspired me to get into switch rods. never know it was possible to fish in malaysian fishing ponds due to the anchor placement. but after talking to our mutual friend nick ooi, n watching your videos. it is.

    i couldn't msg u on FB since we r not yet friends there, so hence here.

    a couple of questions though.

    1. ive been using some lines, to be exact :
    - Wulff Ambush #7 TT (265gr) + RIO VersiLeader 15' Floating
    - RIO switch #5/6 (350gr) 40' head + 15' back taper/handling section
    - RIO switch #6/7 (410gr) 40' head + 15' back taper/handling section
    - AirFlo Scandi Compact (420gr) paired with AiFlo Ridge running line 20lbs
    - AirFlo Skagit (500gr) paired with AiFlo Ridge running line 20lbs

    and im using the TFO Deer Creek Series, the #5, and also the #6

    so far the best line that i suits me best is the Wulff Ambush TT. n i read ur blog it seems that, that is also ur to-go lines.

    the question is, our good mutual friend is not bringing them in, where did u buy it because i would love to have some spares in my arsenal. plus im getting a new switch rod once nick ooi is back from mongolia hopefully. it would really help me if u can tell me where to buy it sir.

    and 2nd question - if i were to add a Versileader onto the line, say im using the Wulff Ambush #7 265gr, with the VersiLeader added, the grains changes?

    Thank u in advance, sir.

    and thank u for these blog posts. it helps me alot n i really appreciate ur works. im still very new to switch rods, but loving it so far, n willing to learn alot more. i havent touch my single handed rods since i bought these.

    Thanks again sir!

    1. Hi Najmin, thanks for liking my blog :)

      Yes, the Wulff Ambush is my favorite short head spey line by far. RIO Switch line is more suitable for nymphing and long distance mending. The RIO Switch Chucker will be more like the Ambush line. RIO Scandi short versi-tip and RIO Scandi body is also good.

      If you want to get the Ambush line, just tell Nick what you need and I can help get it from Coho in Singapore if they have the grain weight. I do drive back to Malaysia quite often.

      As for your 2nd question, the Versi-leader does not count into the grain weight when it comes to Skagit set up. The Versi-leader mainly act as your anchor in a sustain anchor cast. In a Scandi system, for example the RIO Scandi short versitip, the grain weight of the versi-tip is included in the calculation.

  2. Hi again,

    Thanks for the fast reply.

    That's awesome sir! will get back to u on the lines i needed once nick is back in malaysia then. this really made my day haha. hopefully one day we can meet n perhaps i can learn alot from u.

    on second note - have u tried the switch chucker lines from RIO? from what i read in ur blog, u love the running line on the Wulff Ambush, n i f i remembered correctly, u also said that the Wulff has got a more aggressive front taper.

    so between the the RIO switch chucker vs TT, which one do u prefer or is it on given situations?

    Thanks alot again in advance sir, thanks.

  3. and last but not lease -

    im now in possession of the TFO Deer Creek #5 n #6. n looking to buy a #7 n a #9.

    i read that if i were to buy the Wulff Ambush, i need to bump up by 2 line sizes.

    i would like to get a recommendation from u since u r obviously more experienced in the switch/spey game.

    what line sizes should i buy for these rods?

    Thanks in advance again n im sorry for the questions - just that there's not alot of people in msia that i know who's really serious in the switch/spey game. its good to finally know someone.

    1. Hi Najmin, the grain window of DeerCreek is on the blank. For example. Deercreek 6wt switch grain window is listed 300 - 500 grain. For tight quarter roll casting or sustain anchor casting....go with the high end of the window i.e. 450 to 500 grain. Deercreek rods can take very high loading and still perform well.