Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Demystifying Scandi and Skagit Shooting Heads

Click this Video Link for part 1 of the video

For those who are still confused as to what Spey shooting heads they should be using, Scandi or Skagit, here is a good video demystifying the issue. Airflo lines are used as an example but this video clarify how line design impact the casting style. A bit lengthy but good to sit through if you have the time :)

In part 2 of the video, the presenter talked about how to choose the right weight line for your rod and why Scandi and Skagit are weigh differently for the same rod. Another important thing to note is that in Scandi or Skagit system, the polyleader (Airflo) or versileader(RIO) and the sink tip grain weight are not taken into consideration in the total grain weight to load the rod.

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