Monday, November 19, 2012

Skagit Spey Casting - Wiggle C-Spey / Snap-T

Here is a novel cast I invented quite by accident recently. Ever since inventing the Wiggle Roll Cast , I have been using it quite extensively in my fishing especially with full intermediate Skagit head. In still water fishing, intermediate heads are not easy to roll cast to the surface unless you strip in at least half the head. The Wiggle Roll Cast conveniently did away with that and allowed me to surface the head with just one roll.

Recently, I have been experimenting to incorporate the wiggle into the Snap-T. I had some success  but was not happy with how far in the anchor was being positioned to my right. Then quite by accident, I did a cack hand wiggle followed by a forehand C-Spey and everything fell nicely into place. The anchor was positioned nicely (front right) and the Perry Poke that followed straightened and aligned the fly and leader in the right direction for the final delivery.

With this cast, I can now efficiently re-position my anchor to my right without having to do multiple  roll cast or cack hand roll cast. With one continuous swoop the anchor is re-positioned correctly and the cast fires off sweet. I am a happy camper.

In this video, I was casting with my new Sage ONE 4wt switch rod and a 350 grain Wulff Ambush line with 15ft clear versi-leader. For those who are interested, the Sage ONE 4 wt Switch rod cast well with 300 grain and 350 grain Skagit head. My preference goes to 350 grain. This rod cast smooth and gives wicked distance. I particularly enjoy the stiffer tip that seems to turn everything over very positively.


  1. Younhave really helped me. I just bought a 4 wt sage one switch after watching this.

    1. Good for you. I certainly enjoy my sage ONE 4wt Switch. The 4wt is very different compared to the ONE 5wt. It flexes much lower to the butt compared to the 5wt and I prefer deeper flexing rod for Skagit.

  2. Hello,
    i bought myself this rod too, paired with an ambush TT-6-F, 235gr.
    for the moment i've just cast in my garden and in a lake.
    Whatever i make, snap cast, switch or spey, i always get a curved line at the end of the cast, the line doesnt' lay straight on the water, always a curve.
    I wonder if it's because i didn't cast with a tip and a leader attached to the line, what do yo think about it?

    1. Hi Eric,
      Ambush 235 grain is a bit light for the ONE 4wt. I suggest you go heavier to 300 grain to get better loading. From my experience, line not laying straight on the water end of cast is mostly due to insufficient anchor. Make sure your anchor don't run when you power through your cast.

      If you are using floating or intermediate Versi-leader, make sure they are at least 15 ft to give you better anchoring on water. Mono leader to the fly should also be at least 10ft. Don't cast without a fly as it is not the same.