Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Down Stream Perry Poke

Thanks to my new Nikon AW100, here is a 60fps video on Perry Poke done "wrap style". This style is also known as Downstream Perry Poke but I sometimes simply refer to it as Perry Wrap. The Perry Wrap make use of a horizontal sweep to energize the D-loop, much akin to the sweep stroke of the Double Spey.

Unlike the original style of Perry poke where the rod tip is dumped forward (in the intended cast direction), this style is more relaxing and kind of wrap the line in an arc in front of the caster during the anchor set up. It is good to learn both the forward and wrap style because each style has its own merits. The wrap style is more relaxing and gives the caster more time to adjust his timing whereas the forward style is more compact and the strokes can be accelerated in case we are casting big fast sinking fly like Clouser.

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