Monday, October 10, 2011

Intermediate Skagit Head

The wait is over..... SA finally introduces an intermediate sink Skagit head!
For the longest time I have been waiting for a fly line manufacturer to come up with a slow sink Skagit head for still water application and SA beats everyone  to it. No longer will I need to cut and join a bunch of lines to create my own intermediate sink head. This new line has Gary Sandstrom (creator of Wulff Ambush line) as the principle designer and I have no doubt will perform flawlessly given his credential. The only drawback for now is that it is only available in 400 grain onwards. I suspect the lower grain heads will probably be available later. More details of this line can be found here:

Latest update .... Royal Wulff Products just released the clear intermediate version of their popular Ambush line - The Ambush Clear Head! The line is available with integrated running line from 5wt (215 grain) to 8wt (290 grain). You can read more about this new line following this link:

With this release, intermediate sink Skagit type head is now available from either manufacturer covering 215 grain all the way up to 680 grain.


  1. Dear Friend.

    Is the Ambush line a good line to start Spey casting with. I see you say it's easy to roll cast? I'm just starting Switch casting, and if I buy an Ambush line I can also use it for fishing as well as practice?


    1. Ambush line is an excellent line to start Spey casting with as far as Switch rod is concern. For longer Spey rods 12.5 ft and above however, the head may be a bit too short.

  2. Hi Yuen.

    Does the Ambush clear head have loops at both ends like the floating version does?

    Thanks. Richard.

    1. Hi Richard,

      The Ambush clear head does not come with loops. You will have to construct your own loop using hollow braid. I usually use 50lb Gudebrod hollow braid. Alternatively you can buy Rio braided loops