Friday, September 2, 2011

TFO BVK 3wt Switch Rod

I finally found a switch rod lower than a 4 wt to play with - the TFO BVK 3wt 10'6" Switch rod. Don't bother surfing the net looking for this rod because it is custom, or should I say semi-custom. The base for this rod is the TFO BVK 3wt with conversion kit. By adding a detachable lower grip to the set-up, I got myself an ultra lightweight Switch rod that is a real pleasure to cast and fish with. It is especially good for the juvenile peacock bass that over run some of the local ponds here. With the equally light Lamson Litespeed, it is a match made in heaven.


  1. Hi Yuenmah,

    Curious to know what fighting butt you put on your TFO, make/model? Also, what size Litespeed did you use, and where is the balance point on the entire setup? Thanks.

    1. Hi Jose, the removable butt is custom made for me by a rod maker friend using cork rings and sanding to shape. I would highly recommend LiteSpeed 2 to balance the rod.

      The other recent modification I made was to extend the front cork grip so that it is longer and therefore more comfortable to hold and cast. Once you extend the front cork grip by another 4" or so, it will be extremely easy to adjust the balancing point.