Wednesday, August 17, 2011

RIO Scandi Short Versitip

Here is a new exciting line from RIO specifically designed for switch rod. For the longest time, my go to line for switch rod is the Wulff Ambush line. The Wulff Ambush line has a nice aggressive taper to it and cast beautiful loops without being clunky, unlike the RIO Skagit short. The Wulff Ambush line is probably the predecessor of a Skandit line (a cross between Skagit and Scandi). From the taper information available from this video, this new RIO Scandi short versitip looks more like a Scandit line to me. The long front taper should guarantee nice clean loops. The head is 23 ft and can be matched to 10ft versitips of various sink rate to cover depth. This line is should also serve well for single hand spey.


  1. Hi Yuen, I'm planning to get the Scandi Short Versitip for my Deer Creek 4wt. What grain weight do you recommend? The rio website recommends their 4wt line for DC 4wt. But it's only 275 grains including the tips. Do you think #5 is better which is 320 grains?

    1. Hi. If you plan to do Scandi type casting mainly, go with RIO recommendation. RIO recommend either #4 or #5. If you prefer deeper loading, go with #5. If however you plan to predominantly do Skagit casting, then you should go heavier. Go with 305 grain head only (scandi body). This means you take #6.

  2. Mah,

    Have you used the Scandi Short for Skagit style casting? How did it perform compared to a Skagit short head? I take it the if Skagit style is the intended use go two Rod weights higher all the way up the grain range, regardless of Rod length or taper. I have a Sage 7116 and a Beulah 7129 and so would use a line in the 9 weight range for both?

  3. Hi Mark, I have not tried RIO Scandi Short but looking at the taper, it should cast well Skagit style as long as you match the grain weight. In the case of Sage 7116,, that should be about 500 grain (head only excluding Versitip). Of course if want to lift heavy tungsten / lead core sink tip mostly, Skagit short head will be better for the job.
    I think Scandi Short may be too short for your Beulah 7129. You might be better off choosing a head that is at least 25 ft or longer to match the rod length for example Skagit Max long.